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Curious which tools we recommend most?

Here are the tools we can't live without and that we use to run both of our businesses, Lean Out Method and Strategic Ops Institute (and yes, most of these are affiliate links):

  •*¬†for work, project, and system management
  • Miro¬†for everything brainstorming and ideation!
  • Notion* for our playbooks
  • Kajabi*¬†for website, courses, coaching, and content
  • Go High Level* for websites, courses, coaching, and content, especially for SAAS offerings
  • Circle* for communities
  • Gusto*¬†for payroll & W2s / 1009s (domestic and international)
  • Wise*¬†for international payments outside Gusto
  • Novo*¬†for Business Banking (and Reserve Accounts following the Profit First model)
  • ScoreApp*¬†for assessments and quizzes
  • SmarterQueue*¬†for social media scheduling