We offer 2 expert certification paths that address the unique needs and challenges faced by those working with entrepreneurial small businesses.

All of our certifications blend strategy with operations to help you stand out as the in-demand and indispensable strategic operations leader (SOL) that Founders are searching for and need most! 

Entrepreneurial Project Manager (ePM)

Be able to successfully translate strategies into actionable plans and lead teams to achieve strategic goals and financial targets by becoming a lean strategic planning expert.

Our ePM certification is unlike most PM trainings and certifications, which are designed for working within larger companies and that pull from outdated, misaligned, or overly complex planning frameworks. 

Instead, we teach you how to address the dynamic needs of an entrepreneurial small business where new ideas are ever flowing, things are ever changing, individual team members wear more hats than you can sometimes count, and things move at a hyper speed pace.

The stakes are high and the successful delivery of critical projects, products and services, and efficient operations, are what can make or break your clients success, scale, and sustainability.


Chief Strategy & Operating Officer (CSOO)

Become the trusted right-hand strategic thinking partner to a Founder, taking on the leadership of successfully scaling their business and bringing their unique vision to life.

Our CSOO certification is a one-of-kind experience that takes the core responsibilities of a typical COO or VP of Operations and layers on the strategy and scaling expertise of a Chief Strategy Officer. The future of Operations is Strategic and this training and certification puts you at the forefront of the shift.

Unlike most Operational trainings and certifications, we don't just teach you how to be great at operations... because you already are.

We teach you how to strategically leverage operations to lead and sustainably scale a business as the right-hand or advisor to the founder. You become licensed to leverage our entire Lean Scaling System to do so. 



  • Live 1-Day Intensive Training Workshops

  • Live Coaching Calls for Situational Support

  • On-Demand Bite-Sized Video Trainings

  • Case Studies and Examples for Real-World Mastery

  • Supporting Implementation Templates and Toolkits

  • Interactive Assessments, Workbooks, and Knowledge Exams¬†

  • Capstone Projects to Put Your Knowledge into Practice

But that's not all...


  • 1¬†Year Membership in the Right-Hand Revolution Community

  • Certification Badge Upon Passing of Exam & Capstone Project

  • Get Featured in Our Online Directory

  • Eligibility for Matching Services (available in 2025)

Curious Which Certification is Right for You?

Both blend strategy with operations for those who work with small businesses, but here is where they differ:

ePM is a great choice for those who want to work as a Project Manager or Strategic Operations Manager on a fractional or full-time basis. 

You may already have PM training and experience and already be an OBM, PM, Ops Manager, or Marketing Manager, but know you would benefit from mastering a planning framework designed specifically for small scaling businesses that addresses all facets of the work the business does from projects to marketing to operations. You enjoy creating the detailed plans and working closely with and managing the team who is taking action.

CSOO is a great choice for those who want to work as the trusted right-hand partner to the Founder of a small business on a fractional or full-time basis.

It is a strategic leadership role. You may already be an experienced Operations Director or Manager, Marketing Director, a COO, CMO, Chief of Staff, or a rockstar OBM or PM ready for an uplevel and to step into more of a strategic and leadership role instead of a managing role closer to the implementation. You enjoy working closely with the founder, setting strategic direction, and orchestrating all the pieces of the puzzle to bring the vision to life to successfully scale the business.